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Tuuli Laurikainen
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Violist Tuuli Laurikainen started as a violin player at the age of six in Turku Conservatory with teacher Marianna Kokko. After nine years, Tuuli found the instrument that was a perfect fit to her character, the best instrument in the world: viola.


Tuuli´s professional studies started at Turku Conservatory in 2008, and were concluded at Turku Art’s Academy in 2014. She graduated with Music Pedagogue’s degree, and got an excellent grade from her soloistic final exam. She has been very fortunate to get to study viola and chamber music with multiple hardcore professionals such as: Harri Sippel, Oleg Larionov, Jouni Rissanen, Alexander Vinnitski, Marko Autio, Erkki Lahesmaa, Jukka Perksalo and Teemu Kupiainen. Moreover, Tuuli has been awarded study scholarships both from Turku Concervatory and TOP-foundation as a promising young musician.


During the time spent in Turku Conservatory, Tuuli played as the first viola in Turku Conservatory Chamber Orchestra and travelled on concert trips with the ensemble in Finland, Russia and Europe. The group of young musicians made a legendary tour in America as well. Subsequently, Turku Art’s Academy offered Tuuli an opportunity to take part in multiple opera and symphony orchestra productions, chamber music groups and to perform as a soloist. The music enthusiast was involved as much as possible in concert productions in diverse roles, both as a player and part of the production team.


Chamber music has a special place in Tuuli´s heart and she loves to perform in various groups and events.

Tuuli has performed with Turku Filharmonic Orchestra’s string quartet, Artsoppa ry's ensemble, a piano quintet of Dance Theatre ERI’s performance: “I know what you are thinkin of!”, as well as Aboa Nova – modern music festival´s guitar quintet. Tuuli has also performed in multiple orchestra´s such as Turku Filharmonic Orchestra, Saimaa Sinfonietta and Musicians of the King´s Road.


Last but not least, she has played in multiple concerts with, the best, Lumo Ensemble at various venues that range from churches to nighclubs, both in Finland and abroad. 


“Music has led me to travel around the world, brought me new friends and offered magical experiences. Without music – there would be nothing”


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